Weight Loss Toolkit 1.0

Weight Loss Toolkit 1.0: Weight Loss Toolkit 7 Powerful Tools into One Software: - Body Mass Index Calculator - Liquid Calories Calculator (97 Beverages) - Burned Calories Calculator (72 Activities) - Calories Burned Running - Calories Intake - Breakfast (101 Food Groups) - Calories Intake - Lunch (159 Food Groups) - Calories Intake - Dinner (146 food groups)

Diet Calculator for Excel 2.0: Diet software for Excel, customized for your body, diet and exercise habits.
Diet Calculator for Excel 2.0

calories that you need to eat in order to maintain your current weight (total calories, protein calories, carbohydrate calories and fat calories) or lose a specific amount of weight over a given period of time. With one click, you can reduce the total caloric intake and the spreadsheet recalculates daily calories recommended for protein, carbs and fat. It also outputs calories saved each day by your diet and the number of fat pounds lost that day

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BMR Health Calculator 1.0

calories your body uses up when you are asleep and is the minimum energy needed to sustain life. BMR is individual and influenced by factors such as age, weight, gender, activity, and environment. When BMR is multiplied to your activity level, you will get your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) or calories needed to maintain current weight. Knowing your BMR will help you work out the calories needed to maintain or lose weight. To lose weight,

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Ideal Weight 1.1: Human Ideal Weight calculation and statistics
Ideal Weight 1.1

calories, thus gives opportunity to adjust quantity consumption calories. The calculation of calories is facilitated by presence In the program - calculator of calories which can be adjusted in dependence from that food which you eat more often. At daily consumption of food for the sum of calories approximately less than 1200 KCal the human is stable begins to grow thin this is without accounting the psychological factors such as depression etc.

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Smart Exercise Calorie Calculator 1.0: Calculates calories burned during a period of time in any activity or excercise
Smart Exercise Calorie Calculator 1.0

Smart Exercise Calorie Calculator: This calorie calculator calculates calories burned during a period of time in any activity or excercise. Enter your body weight and the average time you spend during one of the exercises or activities and click on Calculate Calories Burned. The number of calories burned for the time you specified will be calculated for each exercise/activity. It calculates for about 70 exercise/activity.

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Body Account 1.1: Program, which monitors your weight and eating and activity processes
Body Account 1.1

Body Account program is for those people who care about their bodies weight and shape. It allows you to monitor how many calories (and of what nature) you`ve received with the meal and how many calories you`ve wasted performing various activities. Your body measurement parameters (weight, breast, waist, hips) are monitored as well. The program shows you your daily balance as well as you general progress during the long period.

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Calories Burned Walking The Dog Calc 1.0: Calories Burned Walking The Dog Calculator
Calories Burned Walking The Dog Calc 1.0

Calories Burned Walking The Dog Calculator is simple and portable application that will calculate the number of calories you have burned while Walking Your Dog. Just enter your weight and time spent, and the calculator will do the rest.

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